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Risk charts


The charts at the top of this view demonstrate your performance as an exchange for risk and chargebacks. They primarily focus on two metrics:

  • The percentage of processed volume that is deemed fraudulent by the card schemes
    (shown as "Fraud %" or "Fraud Vol %")

  • The percentage of transaction count that incurred chargebacks
    (shown as "Chargeback %" or "Chargeback Count %")

  Both Visa and Mastercard monitor your performance on these ratios and you may incur fines if you exceed a threshold. To help avoid these fees and protect your profitability, we have overlaid the thresholds for fraud and chargeback but these should be read as indicative only, and presented in a simplified format. Click the "Explanation" drop-down beneath the charts for details on these thresholds and the sources we use to determine these.

Trust Payments does not assume any liability for providing these ratios, and the user is advised to review the disclaimers on this report.

We use the fraud and chargeback percentages described above to generate the charts shown on the page:

  • Fraud % of TXN Vol - For the current month so far and the preceding month, we show the percentage of transaction volume deemed fraudulent.
  • Fraud Vol % of TXN Volume: Days by Scheme - A line graph showing daily fraud rates over the last 28 days.
  • Chargeback % of TXN Count - For the current month so far and the preceding month, we show the percentage of transaction count that incurred new chargebacks against prior transactions.
  • Chargeback % of TXN Count: Days by Scheme - A line graph showing chargeback rates over the last 28 days.




Partway down the Risk view, there is a summary ribbon showcasing KPIs relating to fraud and chargeback data. This shows both metrics by card scheme, for both a trailing seven days and a month-to-date period, along with visual indicators of performance over time.




Regarding your account specifically, the maps shown here provide a visual representation of the distribution of fraud and chargeback instances around the world. Clicking the   icon beneath the map will trigger an animation that shows you how this distribution evolves over time. Alternatively, you can use the slider to manually focus on specific months. This feature is particularly useful to understand the regions in which fraud and chargebacks are occurring the most. This should be understood as the locations the affected transactions took place rather than the countries the cards were issued. All transactions are converted to GBP using the daily rates supplied by the Mastercard network to enable a fairer comparison.



At the bottom of the page, additional charts are provided that show longer-term trends in fraud amounts and chargeback counts over time.


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