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  This feature is available to merchants using our TRU Connect gateway.

You can manage your site references and view their configuration.

  Required user roles

Admin, Developer

  How to access

Select “Sites” from the left and select a site reference.



"Site details"

This page contains the following information about your site. To make changes to these properties, you will need to contact our Support Team.

Field Comment
Site reference Unique site identifier (e.g. “site12346”)
Live status When processing requests, you can connect to our sandbox for testing purposes. “Real” transactions can only occur when processing requests using a live site reference. This distinction is shown in the live status:
  • “0” – Not live (test requests only).
  • “1” – Live (“real” payments).
Site status Requests can only be processed using a site reference if it has been enabled.
  • “ENABLED” – Can process requests.
  • “DISABLED” – Cannot process requests.
  • “REFUNDS ONLY” – Can only process refunds.
Merchant name The name of your business / organisation.

Select from the icons on screen to perform management on this site reference.


Change site

You can use the drop-down box at the top of the page to select another site reference.


  Site management

Below the site details, there are a series of links for managing the selected site. Use the links below to learn more about these features:

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