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The Chargeback Summary view offers a summary of chargebacks processed on your account. This will always include data produced up to and including the full prior month.

  The chargeback amounts and transactions shown are those reported back to Trust Payments (typically by the issuing bank via the schemes).

  When monitoring chargebacks, the emphasis should be on the number of chargeback transactions, as opposed to the transaction value. This is the more critical metric and the proportion of transactions that have incurred chargebacks is typically how card schemes (e.g. Visa and Mastercard) will monitor trends.


Value of CBs, Number of CBs, Average CBs


These three tiles show total chargeback value (on the "Value of CBs" tile), total volume of transactions that have incurred chargebacks (on the "Number of CBs" tile) and average chargeback transaction value (on the "Average CBs" tile) for the full prior month, and also the current year to date (up to and including the full prior month). Each metric has the variance versus the same month in the prior year, and the same year to date position in the prior year.


If the dashboard were being viewed in early April 2022, then the month view would show the full month of March 2022 vs the full month of March 2021. The YTD date view would show January – March inclusive for 2022, and the “vs last year” would be versus January – March inclusive for 2021.


Chargeback by Scheme


The "Chargeback by Scheme" tile shows metrics regarding chargebacks processed, arranged by card scheme. This allows you to view if chargebacks processed against transactions on your account are occurring more frequently for, say, Visa payments than with Mastercard.

  "Other" refers to card schemes outside of Visa and Mastercard, including networks such as Diners, JCB and CUP. These are aggregated in the dashboard for your convenience, and a detailed breakdown is available in the raw data files that accompany the dashboard outputs.

The "Number" column provides the volume of chargebacks processed when arranged by scheme, "Value" provides the total chargeback amount values and the final two columns show the increase/decrease of chargebacks as a percentage when compared to the previous month or year to date (up to and including the full prior month) respectively.


Number of CB and CB Ratio


The "Number of CB and CB Ratio" tile displays a graph that covers the previous 13 months of trading, showing transactions that have incurred chargebacks as a proportion of total sales. The fainter line displays chargebacks as a proportion of transaction value and the darker line displays chargebacks as a proportion of transaction volume.


Chargeback Reason Description


The "Chargeback Reason Description" tile displays the most common reasons chargebacks have been incurred on transactions processed on your account.


  As with fraud, the reports should not be employed as an early warning system for possible chargebacks, since often they are not sent to Trust Payments until long after the claim is made. If early warning for chargebacks is required, we recommend contacting your Trust Payments representative to discuss the pre-dispute management services we offer, provided by Verifi and Ethoca. Click here to learn more.

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