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  This feature is available to merchants using our TRU Connect gateway.



Rule identifiers

There are two types of Rule identifiers supported. It is important to understand the distinction between these two types, as this can affect how Rules are triggered and how they are managed within the Rule Manager interface.

Trust Payments Rules (STR)

Prefixed with "STR". e.g. STR-1

Pre-defined Rules that are available to all merchants.

Shown within the Rule Manager interface and can be activated/deactivated on any of your sites.

Cannot be modified or deleted.

User-Defined Rules (UDR)

Prefixed with "UDR". e.g. UDR-23

Rules created by Portal users using the Rule Manager interface.

Can only be applied to one site reference.

Can be modified or deleted.

  Trust Payments Rules always take priority over User-Defined Rules.



Activating and deactivating Rules

Rules can be activated on any of your site references by using Portal. This can be used to easily apply Rules to ALL of your processed requests, without having to make configuration changes on your side.

Rules can be activated/deactivated as required from the table on the lower half of the Rule Manager page in Portal.


When a Rule is first created, it will be shown as “Active” under the “Manage rules” tab, with a tick in the “Active” column. Rules can be deactivated by un-ticking the “Active” checkbox and pressing “Save” at the bottom of the page, and likewise reactivated by re-ticking the “Active” checkbox and pressing “Save”.

  Any user who has access to the “Rule Manager” page can change the active status of a Rule on sites associated with their user account.



Deleting rules

Rules can be deleted by using the table on the lower half of the Rule Manager page in Portal.

Tick the “Delete” checkbox next to the Rule(s) you would like to remove from your site. When you are ready to delete the Rule(s), press “Save”. The page will reload to reflect the changes made.

Additional notes

  • The process of deleting Rules does not delete the Conditions and Actions that they consist of. These have to be deleted separately. Conditions and Actions can only be deleted by the user who created them.
  • Any user who has access to the “Rule Manager” page can delete User-Defined Rules on sites associated with their user account.
  • You can only delete User-Defined Rules (ID starting with “UDR-“). You cannot delete Trust Payments Rules (ID starting with “STR-“).
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