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The “Reporting” page allows you to analyse the requests processed through your account. You can view totals for transaction amounts and the number of requests processed through a specified range of dates, for one or more of your site references and/or Merchant Id(s) (MID).

  Required user roles

Admin, Developer, TransactionUser, ViewFeesAndStatements, ViewTransactionsOnly

  How to access

Select “Reporting” from the side-bar.



To generate a report, you will need to fill out the form presented on the "Reporting" page:

  • Site Reference / MID:
    • If you have a TRU Connect account with us, you can specify the site reference(s) from which the report will be generated.
    • If you have a TRU Acquiring account with us, you can specify the Merchant Id(s) (MID) from which the report will be generated.
  • Stored Searches – Quickly restore the search criteria of a previously saved report. Click here to learn more.
  • Date Type – Select the type of date for the date range specified below.
  • Date – Specify the date range that the report will cover.
  • View Result - Select "On screen" to display the report in the browser. Alternatively, select "Export" to download a local copy of the report in CSV or XLSX file format.

    A maximum of 1,000 rows of data can be returned when viewing the report on screen.
    A maximum of 100,000 rows of data can be downloaded when selecting the export option.


Advanced search criteria

Click the "Advanced" button to open an overlay that allows you to specify additional criteria for the report.




Filters are an advanced tool that can be used to better focus the scope of the report. Only transactions meeting the selected criteria will be included in the report.

From the left of the overlay, click "Filters" to expand this section. From the options now visible, you can expand sub-headings and select different filters to apply. Applied filters are highlighted with a green  .

e.g. When “GBP” and “USD” are selected for "Currency (ISO3a)", only transactions processed in those currencies will be included in the report.



Group By

The "Group By" fields determine how the report is structured. From the left of the overlay, click "Group By" to expand this section. From top to bottom, the fields selected determine the order of columns displayed in the report. E.g. With the below selected, transactions would be grouped by "Day", then "Currency", then the "Request" type.

  Please note that, while both fields are optional, you can only select Day OR Month. You cannot group by both of these fields at the same time.




Click "Apply" when done to close the overlay. (Click "Cancel" to discard your changes)

  When filters have been selected, the "Show filters" button will be displayed. Click this to view a list of applied filters.



When you are ready to generate the report, click "Search".



On-screen report

Portal will now generate a report matching the criteria specified above and display this in the form of two tables:


Above the main report, a summary is displayed, including a count and total amount value of AUTH and REFUND transactions, organised by currency:



The full report is displayed beneath the summary:



Display options

You can use the drop-down box found at the top-left of either of the tables to change how many results are displayed per page. The total number of records shown can be found in the lower-left of the main report table.


Export report

After generating the report, you can click the "Actions" button above the table and then "Export" from the menu to download a local copy. Downloaded files can be used to import the data into your own system or open in your spreadsheet software of choice. (The downloaded report doesn't include the Summary table)

When exporting a report, you are prompted to specify the format of the file to be downloaded from the following options:

  • CSV file - Download a CSV file delimited by either comma (,), semi-colon (;) or pipe (|).
  • XLSX file.

  Files are downloaded in the background, so you can continue to use Portal while you wait.
Click here to learn more about managing downloads.


Padding and font size settings

Click the   icon to access the following settings:

  • Compact - Reduces padding between table cells.
  • Increase font size - Increases size of text in the table.

Settings are applied immediately; you do not need to refresh the page.


Amending your search criteria

You can amend your report by using the form displayed at the top of the page and clicking "Search" again.

  Remember - Any advanced filters applied in the previous search will still be in effect. To view applied filters, click "Show filters". To makes changes to applied filters, click "Advanced".

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