Saldo und Liste der Transaktionen anzeigen

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Follow these steps to view account balance and transaction list:

  1. Sign in to your Trust Payments MPA Portal and click "Accounts" from the navigation on the left to be taken to the Accounts page.

  2. Click on an account from the list of accounts displayed.


  3. The available balance and current balance are shown in the top-left of the page and a list of transactions are displayed beneath.



Click the    icon to view options for filtering the transactions displayed. Transactions can be filtered by the following criteria:

  • Free text (e.g. beneficiary name, address or other properties)
  • Transaction amount
  • Date of transaction
  • Status (e.g. Approved, Rejected, etc.)
  • Transaction category (e.g. travel, utilities, stationary, etc.)
  • Tag (Transactions can be assigned a tag for easier reporting and aggregation)


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