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  Contactless purchases made with credit or debit cards using SoftPOS must be less than the Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) contactless limit applied to the customer's card.

Such limits do not apply to transactions made with digital wallets (e.g. Apple Pay and Google Pay).

To perform a sale, follow these steps:

  1. If you haven't done so already, open the app. By default, you will land on the "Amount" page, as shown below. If you are on a different page in the app, tap the   icon in the top-left, then "Amount" to get there.

  2. Enter the transaction amount you wish to charge the customer, then tap "Charge" at the bottom of the screen.


  3. You can now present the device to the customer.

  4. The customer will be prompted to select from a pre-defined list of tip amounts (or they can tap "Other amount" to enter a custom tip value). Once a tip has been selected, the new total amount being charged is shown on the "Charge" button at the bottom of the screen. The customer taps "Charge" to continue. Alternatively, they can tap "I pass" to pay without a tip.

      The tip interface is only displayed if tips have been enabled on the app. When enabling tips, you can customise the default tip options displayed to the customer. Click here to learn how.


  5. The customer will now be shown the screen below and can present their contactless payment option to the NFC point on the device.


  6. If successful, the customer will be shown the following success message. They can scan the QR code with their own smartphone to view the receipt, or alternatively tap "Send the receipt email" and enter their email address.


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